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Gig report: Covent Garden's Top Secret Comedy Club

Gig report: Covent Garden's Top Secret Comedy Club

On the 4th December we descended into the atmospheric underground venue The Top Secret Comedy Club in London's Covent Garden to perform at the London Classics Ball. What a wild evening it was! Those Classicists certainly know how to party. With a hilarious set from a great stand-up comic before us, we played for just over an hour and the crowd was having so much fun they asked for not just one encore, but two! We had a fantastically fun evening.

George Ellis, the maestro who put the evening together said: "The last gig I saw was Kanye West, and these guys topped it. These guys were eclectic, merged as an entire band, and they interacted with the audience perfectly. I would have paid 10 times more than I did; these guys were absolutely perfect - I cannot recommend this band more!"

James Quinlan, President, said: "Our society is renowned for style and we do everything to make sure we have the classiest parties around. We could not have done our Christmas party without The Fitzroy Six. They brought class, they brought talent. Everything that we had for our Christmas party would have been nothing without The Fitzroy Six; they were perfect for what we wanted and I couldn't recommend them more. Definitely, whatever ambience you want for your event, you need The Fitzroy Six."

Our thanks to Elham Khoshal for permission to reproduce his photos from the evening.

(Published 5 December, 2012 - 13:21)



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