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On Friday night we were thrilled to be performing in Bristol with a fantastic crowd of experienced Rock 'n' Roll dancers for a private booking. The band had a fantastic night and we were treated like kings, fed and watered to our hearts' content. We have recently given our repertoire a bit of a shake-up, and given the abundance of experienced dancers we decided to give our hour and a half set a 50s twist with some classic Elvis Presley favourites. Here's the setlist in full:

James Delgado impressing us with a behind-the-head guitar solo

We decided to give our repertoire a bit of a shake-up, so treated ourselves to a rehearsal night at a top-class London studio. Read more to find out how we got on!

We've decided to upgrade our old band website and get all "down with the kids" and digital. You can find out about the responsive design techniques we used in this post.




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