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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find answers to the questions we are most often asked about the band, which we hope you'll find helpful when booking us. If you can't find what you're looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by email.

Why should I book you?
You should hire The Fitzroy Six because we are a fantastic band who will truly "make" your event. Apart from the most important fact that we sound great, we offer a unique combination of:


We formed in 2007 and our line-up has hardly changed since. Performing together on hundreds of occasions over the years means that we are extremely well rehearsed, and have developed a fantastic, unique sound that really sets us apart from other function bands.


We understand the importance of appearance, attitude and attention to detail, and we approach every booking with a high level of professionalism to make the whole process easy and hassle-free for you.


Every event has different requirements, so we offer a bespoke service tailored to suit your personal needs. We can provide a small jazz ensemble for a drinks reception or dinner, a top function band to keep the dance floor lively, and a DJ package if you want your event to stretch into the night.


Although we're a world-class band which has toured widely and played many hundreds of events, we haven't lost sight of the fact that your band shouldn't break your bank. We can almost always work within your budget, and we'll never charge a client more just because we think they can pay. Plus our flexible package combinations are far more cost-effective than hiring several different groups for your entertainment.

Personal service

It's important for us to meet and surpass your expectations at all stages of the process, through booking, organisation and the performance itself. Clients often remark on how easy we are to contact and how approachable we are when discussing and planning your event. Whether it's a large bash or small, intimate gathering, we know how to make sure that you get the perfect music for your special occasion. When you speak to The Fitzroy Six about your event, you're not speaking to an agency whose main concern is their commission - you're speaking to the guys who will actually be on stage at your event, putting their reputation on the line to make sure everybody has a great time.

Do you require a deposit?

To confirm your booking we require a non-refundable deposit of 25% of the fee. The remainder should be paid one week prior to your event.

What types of venue will you play in?

We are happy to perform at almost every type of venue, ranging from small nightclubs, bars, pubs and village halls to large country estates, theatres, ballrooms and function rooms. We also perform in marquees or outdoors. Please note that for outdoor performances a cover must be provided in case of rain.

Can I see you play live before booking?

Unfortunately in general this is not possible due to the nature of the band, since we almost always perform at private events. We do occasionally perform in public so it's worth asking us if you feel you really must see us live before booking. Our demo tracks provide a very good reflection of what you can expect in terms of our standard and sound. In highly exceptional circumstances such as very major bookings we may organise a private live demonstration on request.

Where are you based and how far will the band travel?

We are based in London (UK) but we are more than happy to travel to your event anywhere in the UK, Europe and internationally. We regularly perform all over the world.

How much will it cost to hire you?

Because every event is different, we need a few details in order to give you an accurate idea of how much it would cost to hire us for your event. Your quote will depend on a combination of factors, including how long you would like us to play for, where and when the event will be held, our approximate finishing time and any particular requests or requirements you may have. We always ask for a fair, honest fee and can usually tailor our arrangements to suit most budgetary requirements (within reasonable limits).

I have a very small budget / I am organising a charitable event. Will you play for free?

Unfortunately, it is very rare that we are able to play for free. We are professional musicians and (sadly) have to pay the bills like everybody else. In certain exceptional circumstances there may be a slim chance we could help you out, though as a very minimum we would require our expenses to be paid.

What entertainment options / packages do you offer?
We offer tailor-made entertainment packages to suit your requirements. We're very flexible and if you have something specific in mind, just let us know and we'll see what we can do!

Tailor-made entertainment: custom packages for your needs

just dance

Our standard and most popular offering, which simply includes our world-class party band for around 2 hours of irresistible dance-floor repertoire.
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light jazz, then dance

A smaller ensemble for background jazz during a drinks reception or dinner followed by our full party band once you're ready to hit the dancefloor.
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jazz, dance & DJ

The complete package for longer events that stretch into the night. Light jazz early on, then 2 hours of classic dancefloor-fillers followed by a full DJ set.
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Do I need to provide the band with food and drink?

In most cases since the band often travels long distances with late finishing times something to eat and drink is much appreciated. This need not be of the same quality as the food you are providing for your guests, but a hot meal of some sort is usually very welcome. Please let us know at the time of booking if this is not possible. We do require soft drinks at all events. Remember, a well-fed band is a happy band!

Do you require a raised stage?

No. It's great to have one, but it's not a necessity. We do require a solid, level surface to play from, however, which is something to bear in mind if setting up your event in a marquee or outdoors.

My venue has a sound limiter installed. Is this a problem?

This is a slightly tricky area, but in general we can work with a sound limiter installed in the venue. In case you're not aware, this is an electrical device that measures how loud the sound in the room is, and cuts off the room's electricity supply if the level crosses a certain threshold. It's obviously important for us to know that there is a limiter installed (if there is one) so that we can keep it in mind while we play, so it's always a good idea to check with your venue in advance.

Do you have any particular requirements?

We require sufficient space to play (approximately 4m x 3.5m), 4 electrical sockets (at least 2 x 13A independent sockets) and a cover if playing outdoors in case of adverse weather. In most cases since the band often travels long distances with late finishing times something to eat and drink is much appreciated.

Do you provide a lighting rig?

Usually not, though this may not be the case if you are booking our DJ package too. We can arrange a lighting rig if you require it.

Do you provide all your own equipment?

Yes, we usually provide all our own equipment including PA system. In certain circumstances (such as long-haul international bookings) it can be more cost-effective to arrange equipment hire locally, which we arrange on a case-by-case basis.

Is your equipment PAT tested?

Yes, all of our electrical equipment is regularly PAT tested and meets the required standards.

Do you have public liability insurance?

Yes, we are fully insured and can provide a certificate / schedule of insurance on request.

Can we use your microphone and PA for speeches / announcements?

Yes, this is no problem at all. Please note that you will not be able to stand further forward than our speakers due to feedback problems.

Can you arrive to set up earlier in the day?

Yes, but if you want us to arrive more than three hours before we are due to start playing this may incur an additional charge. We always aim to finish setting up before the arrival of your guests, and will be as flexible as possible to try to accommodate your needs.

How long do you need to set up?

We need approximately one hour to set up prior to a performance. This period includes a sound check, and may need to be longer if the venue has limited access (for instance if only accessible by several flights of stairs or a small lift) as this can affect the load-in time. We may be able to arrive early to set up if required.

Can you provide background music?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a smaller jazz ensemble for light background music during a drinks reception or dinner, followed by our full party band once you're ready to hit the dancefloor. Our clients regularly find that this solution offers better value for money than hiring two separate groups. See more about our tailored packages. During breaks between the party band's sets we will provide appropriate background music through our PA from an MP3 player or laptop etc. If you have particular music in mind for these periods you are welcome to plug in your own device to our PA system.

How long can you play for?

The party band usually plays two 1-hour sets (with a break of at least 15 minutes between sets), though if you have particular timing requirements we can accomodate this. If you wish to have background jazz and/or a DJ in addition this can be organised for as long as you require.

Will you learn our first dance?

Absolutely, we're more than happy to learn your first dance to make your wedding day extra-special. Please let us know well in advance what your choice of song is (ideally at the time of booking).

Will you learn other songs we request?

When you book the band you are very welcome to go through our repertoire and highlight songs you particularly want us to play (or let us know which songs you'd rather we avoid). If you have a particular request that isn't in our existing repertoire it is sometimes possible to learn new songs, but please be aware it can be hard to fit this into the band's busy schedule and may incur additional charges. If you let us know well in advance we can discuss the options with you right away and ensure you won't be disappointed.



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