The Fitzroy Six

A professional, experienced function band for your event

Recommend us to earn cash

Recommend us and we'll say thanks with cash

Finding weddings, events and parties to play at is by far the most time-consuming thing that we do. We'd rather spend that time working on great new repertoire and improving our performance. So if you introduce us to somebody and they end up hiring us, we'll thank you with a 10% cut of the fee.

  • introductions matter

    Being introduced to the right people is really important to us. We need to regularly meet more people who might be interested in booking us. All you have to do is introduce us to anyone who might need a band, and we'll do the rest.

  • large commissions

    We pay our finders 10% commission of our fee for any booking that results from their introductions. There's no limit to what you can earn, and each commission is usually well over £100.00. Please note that expenses (transport etc.) are not included when calculating your commission.

  • always get paid

    We are very careful to keep track of who has introduced us to whom, and we update our database regularly. That means if you introduce us to someone today, but they don't hire us for two or three years, you'll still be paid exactly what you deserve.



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